Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My First Wine!!


Sometimes sitting idle leads you to the good old times or to the moments which you can never forget. Same happened with me. Sitting back and having nothing to do, dragged me to the moment when I first tasted the wine (Actually it was tequila!). I wanted to write it down because the time was so special that I cannot afford to let this memory fade away with time.

I had my first drink with my Love. The first time was, when he came to my city to meet me. We went to a pub (not exactly a pub, but a place where drinks were served as well)!! He asked me what would you have, and I expressed my desire to try TEQUILA!! And he said, "ok". We ordered one tequila for and one peg of whisky for him.

And there was my First Shot!! :)

And, as I saw people going down after one shot and expected same with me...., NOTHING LIKE THAT HAPPENED!!

This was my first experience. 

 Another was something more special (for me)..
It was the time when I went to his city and we met. We had a good budget so we decided to hit the pub again. this time also, I ordered my tequila. Till now I was in love with it (still I am).. This time something happened.., which we both will never forget (for different different reasons of course). 

This was the day before which I was suppose to leave back home and I was already missing him in spite of sitting beside him. 

But as you know one shot did not help me ever and it was an happy hour and we got one on one free.. So here was my next shot (free one). After two, I felt a bit drunk.., but not exactly the way I wanted to feel.

AND here I ordered my 3rd peg of whiskey now. After finishing that.., he asked me to have a stroll in the balcony of that pub. That was a beautiful time. I got up and stumbled a bit (I know its embarrassing.., but really thing is yet to come). But he was already behind me to hold me.

 *blush*, *happy*, *touched*, *embarrassed*... All emotions I felt at once.. :)

We had a stroll then... and the wine had already started taking hold of my mind. We talked about our families, my college, friends and some disagreements about each other. We went inside again after a while.

And my last refill was served. I had it half and he noticing my situation asked me to have a walk again and free myself a bit. We came out again. Seeing far away and having him beside me was one of the most favorite moments of mine.

Suddenly I turned to him... looked up... and said, "I know we disagree on many things and may be I make you feel like you are not important, but.."I REALLY LOVE YOU..." And leaned my head on his chest and tears rolled down my cheeks. May be it was that whiskey speaking for me, but obviously it was all true. he wiped them off and brought me inside and made me sit. By now I was really stumbling. But controlling myself I reached to the fork to have my snacks...And here I go..! I dropped the fork. 

I looked at him and he was smiling and said, "its ok." And I in turn said, "I'm fine. It happened by mistake." We both knew the truth. LOLZ.

After finishing my drink I was so done and my tears were not finding way to stop and I was crying and crying saying that I love him. People were looking at me, but it was him I was looking at! 

He helped me getting up and I was still crying..

I stumbled and he held me...

I couldn't carry my purse... and he carried it for me... (how cute)

We reached to his car and I was looking at his face searching for that expression of embarrassment I thought I gave him. But it was nowhere to be seen... We sat in the car and he drove back. On the entire way, I was shouting on him and saying, why don't you believe I love you.?? I miss you a lot. he stopped the car and listened to me without even saying a word. He lit his cigarette and out of anger I took it from him and crushing it on my lap, I said, "I'll lite it for you.!"  And tears came into his eyes and he drew my face towards him and said, "I love you too." 

Next day, he was a bit upset. On asking him the reason, he said, "I just wish whatever you said yesterday, you'd have said it in being your total senses." And I said, "I never felt like being in my complete senses ever before yesterday."

I don't care if some people after reading this would think bad about me. It will always be the special and worth cherishing moment for my life. I would never forget the care, concern and the love he showed when I was so stupid and childish. He was my breakdown support.

 May be I'm a kid inside.., and he's the one who keeps that kid alive! :)

he still says, "It was nothing embarrassing for me. Its you who matter  to me."