Tuesday, 5 February 2013



Millions of secrets hidden in her eyes
Happiness in her heart, which she's scared to show
The pious shadow covering her face
She's a girl blessed by Go,
A Princess though...

Words locked behind those silent lips
The obedient wind blowing away
The mischievous hair strand
Beauty of her soul keeps her safe
She's still warm inside
 In the weather of snow...
She walks in the white sand
Leaving behind her footprints
She's the kindest of the human
Who helps everyone without hints...


She's the ruler of the heart
Yet simple in her thoughts
She's a free bird in the clear sky
Untied to all the worldly knots...!!

-Sketched and written by Esabella


  1. Your SHE sounds like a fascinating and complex creature-"untied to all the worldly knots.". Your drawings remind me of a young Anais Nin.

  2. She has a penetrating gaze; your poem gives clues as to what she's contemplating. I love that she's kind and free.

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