Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Blood or Heart??


College started and it is the reason why I couldn't write for long. But today I couldn't took my hand away from scribbling my thoughts and question which is bothering me.

It's said that there are few relations which God decides for you and there are the other ones which You CHOOSE for yourself.

But then I want to know, when actually a situation comes, whom do you ACTUALLY choose?? What will you do if you have to be on either side? Which path would you take??

The chosen relations can be Friends, Lover or a girl or a boy, whom you consider equal to your brother or sister. The decided relations are parents or any of your blood relations. 

There are those difficult times when you have make a choice. Then at that time, what do you prioritize more?? The relation which your heart made?? Or the one which is your blood relation??

What will you do if you can save either your brother or best friend?? Or take side of your parents or Lover??

What are the thoughts in your mind when you decide? ARE YOU brave enough to take the side of the one who truely deserves it?? Or you become weak and choose the other side, because AFTER ALL they are your blood relations??

Share your views and thoughts!!