Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Weather: How do you look at it??


A sky little less blue
The clouds little more red
The faded green grass
And a long way to go...

The memories bit more closers
The tears more dry
This weather always says something to me
What?? I don't know...

This was a picture I clicked while returning from my college. I've always found people calling this weather romantic. But for me, it has never been so. I don't know, I'm always dragged into an unknown feeling seeing this weather. It is monotonous for me. Some wired silence. I feel my heart so heavy. A feeling which is so blank, lonely and sad. I could never make out the reason behind this.

 All the pain in the world, all the sufferings of the people around me come more closer. I feel like, clouds in front of my eyes are fading, and I'm made to feel this way.

"The only sight which soothes me is a child smiling or a bird flying back to her nest."

 May be I'll become something one day and will reduce these pain around me.  Not many people might be feeling this way., But I do. Since the time I grew up.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Dream House

A house in my dreams I always see
Today I'll tell you how it'd be.

It'd be a small house in the woods
where squirrels would always stop
to have some food.

A river flowing near by
A flock of birds daily passing by.

The air so free, the scent so fresh
Like each day would come to me wearing a new dress.

With no pain in my heart
It'd be a new start.
I will own a Ferrari
But I'll ride on a bullock cart.

In the noon
The sun will shine.
Cool breeze will sing around me
Like the blessings of that Divine.

At night after dinner I'll sit on the rock
In the mid of the river, looking at the star.
Having my Love on my side
I'll strum the strings of the guitar.

No debt on my head
And nothing to be paid
Having the one with me
Who'd listen
To the thoughts I'd say.

I'd sing out loud and dance and spree
In the garden of mine,
Like I'm alone 
And nobody would see. 

No tears of sadness
No pain there would be.
If ever happened
Tears would only be of  glee.

A house of mine
With which the World will envy.
But till the eternity
It will belong to me.

So, here I keep an empty frame
And wait until it gets its shape
Coz, it is my dream house
And that is how I want it to be.

Taking its time
Creating its rhyme.
Slowly catching its pace
As it'll be made once in my life time.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Color of Terrorism!!


While watching a news channel, A headline dragged my attention-"What is the color of Terrorism??"

I don't think Terrorism has any color or face! People in different parts of world symbolizes it with different colors like red, black or something else.
If you'd say BLACK:
          I'd say, black also signifies knowledge, and that is why most of the books are printed in black ink.

If you'd say RED:
          If you say it signifies "Danger" I'd say it also signifies "Love".

If you'd say WHITE:
         I'd say white signifies Peace, and that is why we symbolize it with a White Dove.

So, here I mean to say is, Terrorism has no color! It is a color in itself. Similarly, it doesn't have any face. The people who cause terrorism are also just the victims who were chosen and attracted by TERRORISM to cause destruction.

I believe no single country can be accused for spreading terrorism. Neither USA, nor India, nor Pakistan or China or any other country can be held solely responsible of terrorism. Just because some higher post holders are corrupted and might be supporting this act, we cannot accuse the whole nation.

Why should we?? Do we any difference while meeting any other person from foreign country? Do we as a blogger get biased before reading any blog?? Or before commenting on it.?? Most of us would answer- No!!
And same goes for all the soldiers on the war front. They have no personal grudges, they just fight for there nation and also respect each others patriotism.

Neither Terrorism has any gender.

If you'd say MALE:
        I'd say what about those women who sacrifice themselves by becoming a human bomb??

If you'd say FEMALE:

       I'd say, what about all those names we know in this area and are all Males.

One can never be biased or judgmental for that matter. We as the people in the world, for once not thinking only about our own nation and own success, we need to unite as ONE! As A FAMILY!!

I just have to say:

The creature named terrorism is trying hard to terrorize us. And it always will. It is completely up to us, what we have to do??
- Either to get terrorized or To Fight against it as One!

Remember- "United we stand, divide we fall"

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Choice: The Way You Make It!!


Another boring day.. and no work to do! I was just sitting back watching an award show and from nowhere, I remembered a story I heard long back. It goes like this:

It was a Christmas day and all children in the street were greeting each other. So, were the two best friends-Lauren and Edward.

Lauren told Edward,"Hey Ed,Come to my house, I want to show you something." The boys walks towards the house. 

There Edward sees a brand new Porsche.

Lauren says, "My brother brought it for me as the Christmas present." Edward smiled at him and kept staring at the car. 

Lauren says, I know what are you thinking. Aren't you wishing that how great it would be, if you had such brother??"

Edward turns to him and answers, " No Lauren, I was wishing to be like your BROTHER some day...!"

Don't know why but this story always stay close to me.

How do you see yourself as?? Which character would you like to play in your real life?? Lauren or His brother?? Here, no body is wrong and nobody is below than other. But It is our choice what we chose to be??

People reading this... Think about it.

Tell me what do you want to be?? What do you choose??

I'd be happy to know your answer.!!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Best MOMMY snaps!!


Since forever Motherhood has been a special part of every feminine creature created by God in the world. And this feeling never goes away no matter how old the kid grows up.
Here I managed to assemble few snaps from my collection.

While going to my college...

Visit to a wildlife sanctuary...

In a poultry farm

At my friend's house...

Today along the roadside...


And here are two Mothers whom We all have seen and known always from our Religious Mythologies... :)

Lord Krishna with his Mother
Mother Mary

Wednesday, 16 January 2013



Here is my first poem on my blog...

The one thing I noticed, the one thing I'd say..,
Moments are never wasted, they never go away.
Deep inside your heart they do live,
Sometimes they may be forgotten, sometimes they go grey. 

Who says life is always happy, and loved ones never go away??
But really do you feel, the time is wasted anyway?? 

Families, enemies,Friends are all part of life..,
Sometimes they make mistakes, at times you may.
A friend of mine taught me to forgive,
And find happiness every way. 

Moments are heavy and sometimes we fail to know,
But They are never wasted, That's what I feel so!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My First Wine!!


Sometimes sitting idle leads you to the good old times or to the moments which you can never forget. Same happened with me. Sitting back and having nothing to do, dragged me to the moment when I first tasted the wine (Actually it was tequila!). I wanted to write it down because the time was so special that I cannot afford to let this memory fade away with time.

I had my first drink with my Love. The first time was, when he came to my city to meet me. We went to a pub (not exactly a pub, but a place where drinks were served as well)!! He asked me what would you have, and I expressed my desire to try TEQUILA!! And he said, "ok". We ordered one tequila for and one peg of whisky for him.

And there was my First Shot!! :)

And, as I saw people going down after one shot and expected same with me...., NOTHING LIKE THAT HAPPENED!!

This was my first experience. 

 Another was something more special (for me)..
It was the time when I went to his city and we met. We had a good budget so we decided to hit the pub again. this time also, I ordered my tequila. Till now I was in love with it (still I am).. This time something happened.., which we both will never forget (for different different reasons of course). 

This was the day before which I was suppose to leave back home and I was already missing him in spite of sitting beside him. 

But as you know one shot did not help me ever and it was an happy hour and we got one on one free.. So here was my next shot (free one). After two, I felt a bit drunk.., but not exactly the way I wanted to feel.

AND here I ordered my 3rd peg of whiskey now. After finishing that.., he asked me to have a stroll in the balcony of that pub. That was a beautiful time. I got up and stumbled a bit (I know its embarrassing.., but really thing is yet to come). But he was already behind me to hold me.

 *blush*, *happy*, *touched*, *embarrassed*... All emotions I felt at once.. :)

We had a stroll then... and the wine had already started taking hold of my mind. We talked about our families, my college, friends and some disagreements about each other. We went inside again after a while.

And my last refill was served. I had it half and he noticing my situation asked me to have a walk again and free myself a bit. We came out again. Seeing far away and having him beside me was one of the most favorite moments of mine.

Suddenly I turned to him... looked up... and said, "I know we disagree on many things and may be I make you feel like you are not important, but.."I REALLY LOVE YOU..." And leaned my head on his chest and tears rolled down my cheeks. May be it was that whiskey speaking for me, but obviously it was all true. he wiped them off and brought me inside and made me sit. By now I was really stumbling. But controlling myself I reached to the fork to have my snacks...And here I go..! I dropped the fork. 

I looked at him and he was smiling and said, "its ok." And I in turn said, "I'm fine. It happened by mistake." We both knew the truth. LOLZ.

After finishing my drink I was so done and my tears were not finding way to stop and I was crying and crying saying that I love him. People were looking at me, but it was him I was looking at! 

He helped me getting up and I was still crying..

I stumbled and he held me...

I couldn't carry my purse... and he carried it for me... (how cute)

We reached to his car and I was looking at his face searching for that expression of embarrassment I thought I gave him. But it was nowhere to be seen... We sat in the car and he drove back. On the entire way, I was shouting on him and saying, why don't you believe I love you.?? I miss you a lot. he stopped the car and listened to me without even saying a word. He lit his cigarette and out of anger I took it from him and crushing it on my lap, I said, "I'll lite it for you.!"  And tears came into his eyes and he drew my face towards him and said, "I love you too." 

Next day, he was a bit upset. On asking him the reason, he said, "I just wish whatever you said yesterday, you'd have said it in being your total senses." And I said, "I never felt like being in my complete senses ever before yesterday."

I don't care if some people after reading this would think bad about me. It will always be the special and worth cherishing moment for my life. I would never forget the care, concern and the love he showed when I was so stupid and childish. He was my breakdown support.

 May be I'm a kid inside.., and he's the one who keeps that kid alive! :)

he still says, "It was nothing embarrassing for me. Its you who matter  to me."

Friday, 11 January 2013

Angel or Devil??? Who are you?


While surfing a social networking site, I used an app- "Quotes of the day." And my quote was- "Sometimes it is easier to smile and cry inside your heart."

Many times I've come across this thought that- What is better?? To speak up or to keep quiet and cry inside??

I know, for first you will say that it is better to speak up otherwise how the other person will know what you feel. But what if the other person doesn't understand what you try to say?? Or even worse, what if that person would say that he doesn't want to understand?? Moreover, the person is not one of them who can be left avoided.

Then what will you choose??

Everyone of us might have faced this situation where you wanted to shout out loud and blurt out your feelings and all what you think, but suddenly something holds you back. What is that "Something"??

What do you do in those times when lot of thoughts are running in your mind but suddenly when it comes to letting it out, you are stuck between the two- Should I or Shouldn't I??

Don't you think sometimes, that if the other person doesn't give a thought before saying something then why should I?? When the actual scene comes, what do you prefer to choose??

The Angel You or The Devil You?? Why??

One quotation I came across was, "I smile because its easier to explain the reason behind my tears." Do you really believe in this??

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Precious moments: Do you have any??


My exams got over yesterday and as usual I'm left with nothing interesting to do... Is it not so silly that:

During exams: sleep doesn't leaves you.
After exams: sleep doesn't hug you!

During exams: all the channels on tv seems to be interesting.
After exams: everything seems to be so boring!

During exams: all my other friends are free to chat.
After exams: NONE of them is free!

During exams: all the eagerness in the world to show your creativity lives inside you.
After exams: all of them leave you!!

LOLZ... :)

Well anyways, ... while surfing the net and looking for something really good to write or read atleast, I came across this page and I really could not help smiling happily after reading this.  It was about some incidences in life which were damn touching yet told very simply. I'm just pasting some of them here, which I found my favorite!

  • Today, my son turned 7 and I turned 23.  Yes, I had him on the day I turned 16.  The choices I made when I was a teenager were foolish, and sometimes I get worried I’m bringing my son up wrong.  But today I took him to the park to celebrate our birthdays.  He played for hours with a girl who has burn scars that cover most of her face.  When my son took a break to eat, he pointed to her and said, “She’s so pretty and cool!”  Which left me thinking, “I must be doing something right as a mom.” 
  • Today, my dad turned 91.  He barely has enough strength to speak.  But every time my mom (she’s 84) walks into the room to check on him, he says, “Hello beautiful.” 

  • Today, when I went to pick-up my daughter from preschool she was sitting on the ground in the corner of the after-care area with 3 blind students.  All of them had smiles on their faces.  The after-care instructor told me my daughter has been spending time with these 3 students every afternoon this week,and explaining to them in vivid detail what different objects, people and animals look like. 
  • Today is my 18th birthday.  Just over 18 years ago a woman was faced with the harsh fact that she had already had 4 miscarriages and 1 stillbirth.  As she was pregnant for the 5th time, doctors informed her that her pregnancy was risky.  They said there was a good chance either the baby or her wouldn’t make it.  She chose to give the baby a chance anyway.  My mom and I both made it and are still healthy to this day.
  • Today, a week after I donated three bags of clothes to a local homeless shelter, I saw a homeless woman sitting on a park bench wearing a tye-dye shirt I made when I was a teenager.  I walked by her and said, “I love your shirt!”  She smiled and said, “Thank you!  I really do too!”
  • Today, as I pulled into my apartment complex I noticed my neighbor, who’s about 8 months pregnant, struggling with her groceries.  I stopped and helped her bring them up the stairs into her apartment.  This evening, when I got home from the gym I found a freshly baked apple pie sealed in Tupperware sitting on my doorstep with a note that said, “I used the ingredients you helped me carry to bake this.  Enjoy!”   
  • Today, I found out that my mom and dad have been working second jobs at night so they can continue to financially assist my twin sister and I who are both sophomores in college.  My dad said, “You two will be the first in our family’s history to receive college diplomas.  Two jobs is nothing!  I’d work three if I had to to see you two graduate.”  
  • Today, on our 10th wedding anniversary, she handed me a suicide note she wrote when she was 22. It was dated the exact day we met each other.  And she said, “For all these years I didn’t want you to know how foolish and unstable I was back when we met.  But even though you didn’t know, you saved me.  Thank you.”
  • Today, at 8AM this morning, after four months of lifelessness in her hospital bed, we took my mom off life support.  And her heart continued beating on its own.  And she continued breathing on her own.  Then this evening, when I squeezed her hand three times, she squeezed back three times. 
I know you are smiling after reading this. And here is mine....

  • Few days back when I had a fight with my Love.. and after all shouting and blaming things done, I got emotional and was about to say, "you know what?? I love you." but before even I could finish my sentence, he said,"Yes, I Love You Too. And I know You Love me." :)

The motive behind sharing these incidences and post is, Life has become very fast for everybody, and there are many incidences which happen around you and you fail to make note of it. Before the moment goes away, realize it .... share it. Life is very short to miss them!

So, Do you any have of such moments?? Share! :)
And, do you have something to say?? Reply!  :)

Monday, 7 January 2013

A day in my Mom's shoe!


Before deciding this topic for my blog, I came to one conclusion about myself- "I refer the world for a solution but do only what I think I should."
Actually I was getting an irresistible urge to write something but wasn't getting any topic to write about. So, I decided to ask my friends to suggest me the topic. They came up with number of  ideas like- social networking sites, rights for women, women freedom, media, technology and all such stuff. There suggestion were appreciable but as I said, I'll do the thing which pleases me. Lolz :)

So, I came across this thought- "How would it be if I live life of somebody else for a day??" And my mind jumped to my favorite people in the world- Shah Rukh Khan And Tom Cruise!! But they seemed to be very busy and I decided not to disturb them. Big people you know.. :D

Then I saw my mom working in kitchen and I thought, -Why not her?? and since then she became my choice for the topic. But I actually did not wear her shoes, I just observed her doing the things and tried to analyze them from her point of view and to understand the logic behind them. AND this is how it went...

Yesterday was Sunday and my dad was at home. To be honest the day is a mess when he's at home. Its not because of his presence its because of  his stubbornness to watch his favorite channel on TV and to cook the dishes from his menu!! so, the weather at my home was as expected.., Terrible for me. Could not watch even a single program on TV :( , could sleep for long and could eat noodles!!

But there was one person so unaffected by this- mom! She woke up early as usual, got freshened up and gave bed tea to dad. I was still on my bed.. then she started preparing for the breakfast and lunch. Later after an hour I woke up and said, "mom, tea!." She went into the kitchen and within minutes.. my tea was in my hand with cookies. :)

Then me and mom sat up to watch Tv, and after some time dad came and changed the channel as if there was nobody in the room watching it. I got so annoyed by this and covered my face with a blanket and went to sleep again.. at least that was what I portrayed. but my mom conveniently got up from there and got busy with some other work. I was more annoyed- how can she not react??

Later she asked me for the lunch and I replied, " I'll have it when I want, you don't have to bother." she served dad and went in balcony for reading the newspaper and I kept lying on the bed. She came sometime later and asked me to take bath and I did not reply and she went away again.

Meanwhile she gave food to my pet, washed the clothes, arranged the utensils brought the grocceries and was sitting in the the hall. After 10minutes or so, dad asked for some snacks and she said, "sorry I forgot to bring." And my dad shouted, "then what do you do at home???" she got irritated this time and replied, "I do nothing. Fine?"

Then in the afternoon my stomach started asking for food, and keeping all my annoyance and anger on stake, I asked, "mom what there for lunch?" And she narrated the menu, and at last asked me, "should I serve?? I was waiting for you, so that we could eat together?"  How sweet of her ... Right?? :)

In the evening also the time passed with such similar incidences.. A beggar knocked at the door and she went running inside dropped a coin in his hand. I asked, "was it necessary to give him that money?" And she asked, "will you go poor by helping him?"
And I kept watching at her for her care she had for some unknown. She cooked for the dinner. We never had maid in our house. Dad insisted on having one, many times but she always refused the idea by saying.. "We are a small family and we don't need an maid. I can do it myself. "
At night we all went to bed with the end of the day... But for my mom, I guess the day did not end yet.

My little pup wasn't well and he vomited at around 2. Mom woke up, cleaned the floor, cuddled him for sometime saying, "It ok baby, you'll be alright till the morning." (yes, he was fine again in the morning :) ) and went to sleep again without disturbing anybody in house.

And this is how the the day passed, and my 24 hour journey into my mom's shoe came to an end!

The things I concluded were:
  • There are hell lot of things I need to learn before I shout on her.
  • me or my dad have no right to shout on her after what all she do for us.
  • We need to understand her more.
  • If I would have been at her place I would have surrender in Hours, and she's been doing this since years for her family.
  • How hard we try to justify reason behind our rude or careless behavior towards her, they are all nothing when compared to the emotions, care and feelings she have it for us
  • And finally, She is just irreplaceable,I salute her patience, love and dedication she have it in her.
I realized that- all the promises when a mother makes to her baby when he's born, all the promises a girl makes to her husband while getting married are all fulfilled and taken care of by that  "Home Minister" throughout her life and it is something damn WONDERFUL!!