Monday, 21 January 2013

Color of Terrorism!!


While watching a news channel, A headline dragged my attention-"What is the color of Terrorism??"

I don't think Terrorism has any color or face! People in different parts of world symbolizes it with different colors like red, black or something else.
If you'd say BLACK:
          I'd say, black also signifies knowledge, and that is why most of the books are printed in black ink.

If you'd say RED:
          If you say it signifies "Danger" I'd say it also signifies "Love".

If you'd say WHITE:
         I'd say white signifies Peace, and that is why we symbolize it with a White Dove.

So, here I mean to say is, Terrorism has no color! It is a color in itself. Similarly, it doesn't have any face. The people who cause terrorism are also just the victims who were chosen and attracted by TERRORISM to cause destruction.

I believe no single country can be accused for spreading terrorism. Neither USA, nor India, nor Pakistan or China or any other country can be held solely responsible of terrorism. Just because some higher post holders are corrupted and might be supporting this act, we cannot accuse the whole nation.

Why should we?? Do we any difference while meeting any other person from foreign country? Do we as a blogger get biased before reading any blog?? Or before commenting on it.?? Most of us would answer- No!!
And same goes for all the soldiers on the war front. They have no personal grudges, they just fight for there nation and also respect each others patriotism.

Neither Terrorism has any gender.

If you'd say MALE:
        I'd say what about those women who sacrifice themselves by becoming a human bomb??

If you'd say FEMALE:

       I'd say, what about all those names we know in this area and are all Males.

One can never be biased or judgmental for that matter. We as the people in the world, for once not thinking only about our own nation and own success, we need to unite as ONE! As A FAMILY!!

I just have to say:

The creature named terrorism is trying hard to terrorize us. And it always will. It is completely up to us, what we have to do??
- Either to get terrorized or To Fight against it as One!

Remember- "United we stand, divide we fall"


  1. I agree on many points. It would be awesome if the human race could ever rise up as one and fix the problems with society. But people are too spaced out, too prejudice, to religious. But we can always dream and hope.

  2. True Dan. We always have hope until we live!
    Thanx for your reply. :)