Saturday, 19 January 2013

Choice: The Way You Make It!!


Another boring day.. and no work to do! I was just sitting back watching an award show and from nowhere, I remembered a story I heard long back. It goes like this:

It was a Christmas day and all children in the street were greeting each other. So, were the two best friends-Lauren and Edward.

Lauren told Edward,"Hey Ed,Come to my house, I want to show you something." The boys walks towards the house. 

There Edward sees a brand new Porsche.

Lauren says, "My brother brought it for me as the Christmas present." Edward smiled at him and kept staring at the car. 

Lauren says, I know what are you thinking. Aren't you wishing that how great it would be, if you had such brother??"

Edward turns to him and answers, " No Lauren, I was wishing to be like your BROTHER some day...!"

Don't know why but this story always stay close to me.

How do you see yourself as?? Which character would you like to play in your real life?? Lauren or His brother?? Here, no body is wrong and nobody is below than other. But It is our choice what we chose to be??

People reading this... Think about it.

Tell me what do you want to be?? What do you choose??

I'd be happy to know your answer.!!