Monday, 7 July 2014


07 July 2014


Have you met somebody who seems to be very tough and careless and having no emotions? And then have you ever given a thought about what circumstances and situations in life made him like that? Have you ever wondered if at one point of time, inside this tough emotionless person there could have resided a soft, caring and loving person? Who used to be so vulnerable and destructible that he almost died in the fight of surviving with his ruthless situations? 

May be then at one random moment he'd have decided to pretend to be careless and invincible! 
To turn numb for emotions. 
Won't you wish to be the same if you would have been that person? To find comfort by just not caring? 
Or by just not showing it? Or are you that person, a person with a mask- because It’s easier to live this way!


Friday, 9 May 2014


 8 May 2014

Humanity! The greatest and the most precious gift given by God to us. A real human can never be bad to anyone forever. It feels pain, rage, love, lust, joy, sadness and all the worldly human emotions. And its okay to feel it that way, because we are crafted for it. These emotions are the ones which separate us from any inhuman species. Sometimes life rolls on a rough path, and even closest of the soul fall apart. But you don't have to hate them forever. U just need to let go- of them, of time! Everybody has got there fair and equal share of emotions, but we create an imbalance on our own. 

Humanity defines love, compassion, goodness, warmth, care, satisfaction. It’s divine. Like a piece of God always being with you. And when you forget your Humanity u loose your God. You loose your sire. Yes, you are born sired to being human, for good. It is okay to loose heart, but one should never loose hope, ever. 

In a lifetime u meet many people. Some become a part of your life, some make you a part of theirs. You always need both the pieces to complete the puzzle. But sometimes you loose the pieces. You still need to complete the picture. You can try to find the lost ones if possible but cannot let the time run out. So you find replacements, fix them in the puzzle and just win. And at the end it’s never about the picture. It’s about those pieces who helped you. The ones who were always there, the ones who were lost and left a void and the ones who came to lift you up.

It’s about a vision of that another human soul who sees the beauty of The picture in its darkest shade, the hard work, the loss and The happiness,and still finds it beautiful. It’s about that. 

Humanity... is life. Rest is just breathing. 

P.S. I wrote this piece of text after I watched the finale of The Vampire Diaries Season 4. I was all in tears in that entire episode and was overwhelmed with the emotions. So, I spilled them here.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

On the other side of the shore


Have you ever had that someone in your life with whom you shared a fantastic and loving relationship? But then something happened, the situations changed and circumstances dragged you apart. I'm not talking here only about your partner, but anybody- your best friend, your teacher, your neighbor.. anybody! But, even when you felt apart and chose different ways you still could not forget that person and the time spent with him? This poem is about that person in my life. I'd love to know your views about it... 

The ice has begun to melt 
The night is coming to an end
Sky is turning bright
I have started to walk again into the light.

I'm looking at the sea, now silent and calm
Remembering those days in the lines of my palm.
The tide has settled, it’s time to row
Shore is pushing me away, says "It’s time to go."

Those footsteps of yours beside mine are long gone.
Your memories are the one who are following me along.
The stars have faded into the darkness of night
Dawn is making its way by letting this dew subside.
That tree on which there was once a witch and her crow
Its leaves are coming back, making home for squirrels and sparrow.

That barge which you used to row.
That bicycle of mine you would toe.
Those colorful candies you always brought
That taste of your pastries.. I never forgot. 

Always you told me to keep up the hope
Because the night always dies.
But never did you tell me
That time too flies.

Not forever I could keep you I know
But I've some great stories for the world to show.
The clock is ticking and we've got separate ways to go
Even the journey is long. Though,

I believe we will meet at the end of the horizon
Again to hold hands, run and jump to touch the sky
And to share a relation which the situations won't deny.


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Forever by my side!

As the night grows dark
Your memories settle by my side,
Like a companion they take hold
All set to go for a ride.

You listen to my all day stories
And laugh at my joke
This is the time I find myself back
When I'm tired of wearing a happy cloak.

You hold my hand 
And take me to the moon.
I insist u to stay longer,
And not to return any time soon.

Then we take a stroll under the sky
You show a world full of love.
I wish for more, I want you more
You smile at me like an angel above.

Your touch so soft
Like the time has stopped.
It's your breath I'm breathing,
To you forever, in my dreams I've locked.

The times we spent
Cradle me down the lane.
I look around the places and
In the every corner your memories remain.

You wipe my tears and hug me tight.
You look at me and say,
Soon the things will be alright.
And you'll always be here by my side
Everyday, every night.

Now you sing a lullaby 
And ask me to sleep.
Promising to return again
From my thoughts of yours, hooked so deep!


Sunday, 16 February 2014


On the path of life
When you are walking on a knife
A stranger comes across and gives you a smile

Like a companion, a friend
It gives you a new hope,
Breaking the sad old trend

When you need someone to bring you up
When you are low at your end
This stranger gives you a hand
And straightens your bend

When sun is blazing with heat
When you have wounds, you don't know to treat
A stranger brings the soothing rains
and washes your worries off ur feet.

When the people around you begin to fade
When they don't trust you
A stranger from nowhere pats your back
And resurrect all ur faith so new.

When the night is dark
And you are too sacred to walk
A stranger shows you the light
Flashing down the little star

Or when your way seems to be tough
And when the terrains are steep and rough 
A stranger waves the magic wand
Making it easy enough.

So, I decide to be that stranger for somebody in need
And to be of all the help I cud be.
So that when somebody would turn back and look around
He would certainly think... and think of me.

And forever will I shine in His blessings
Like a pearl a diver gets in the depth of the sea!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Voice from the past

Memories ...
Like an unstoppable wave you come
To the most distant corner of the heart
Opening all the doors I closed
Breaking all the barriers apart.

Like a warm sunlight sometimes
In the chilly winter days
Sometimes you pierce through the heart
With a painful haze.

You make me shed tear
You bring the forgotten ones near
You take all my wounds away
And you only bring them back, making your way.

You create the most beautiful smile.
You make the moment special,
As a bride walks down d aisle. 

You are a soft touch of winter snow.
You are a piece of sunshine.
You are a devil at times if you know.
You are a gift, very divine.

You preserve the moments deep inside you
Some hard to forget, some too old to b true.

In the flight of a bird
In the strike of the World
In the air I breath
To the heights I reach
In the thoughts I preach
In the goals I achieve
You were, you are! 

Inside my head
Under my pillow
In the music I listen
What do I think, how do u know?

So as long as I go on
With all your goods and all your bad I'll carry u along.
Because this is the way you talk to me I believe
You were and you will be.
Until eternity..

Like a shadow, like a friend
You and I will walk together till d end!


Friday, 3 January 2014

:) Happy New Year :)

 With the colors of joy
And the fragrance of hope
I step in this brand new year

With the hug of success
And the support of Almighty
I promise to move ahead without fear

With the sight of purity
And the touch of magic
I walk with all my dear

Like a golden thread spun
With the bundles of straw
I take the beautiful memories of the year
With an awe

Like the old skin
Left by a butterfly
I cut my all the flaw

Like a blazing sun
I'm all set to glow
Like a deepest ocean
I'm ready to flow

Like a prettiest flower
I'm about to bloom
Like the prettiest smile I'll spread
Leaving behind all the gloom

Even when the time will be slow
The best in me Is what I'm going to show

With all the love in my heart
I wish and I know
With each coming day
The boon of happiness will grow

So, in the cocoon of time
Fairy waves a magic wand
May everybody smile this year
And create an unbreakable bond.


Wish you all a very Happy, healthy, successful and beautiful days of this new year. And *thank you very much* to all the people who helped me in making my blog successful and letting it complete its first anniversary on December 24! :)