Friday, 3 January 2014

:) Happy New Year :)

 With the colors of joy
And the fragrance of hope
I step in this brand new year

With the hug of success
And the support of Almighty
I promise to move ahead without fear

With the sight of purity
And the touch of magic
I walk with all my dear

Like a golden thread spun
With the bundles of straw
I take the beautiful memories of the year
With an awe

Like the old skin
Left by a butterfly
I cut my all the flaw

Like a blazing sun
I'm all set to glow
Like a deepest ocean
I'm ready to flow

Like a prettiest flower
I'm about to bloom
Like the prettiest smile I'll spread
Leaving behind all the gloom

Even when the time will be slow
The best in me Is what I'm going to show

With all the love in my heart
I wish and I know
With each coming day
The boon of happiness will grow

So, in the cocoon of time
Fairy waves a magic wand
May everybody smile this year
And create an unbreakable bond.


Wish you all a very Happy, healthy, successful and beautiful days of this new year. And *thank you very much* to all the people who helped me in making my blog successful and letting it complete its first anniversary on December 24! :)