Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Weather: How do you look at it??


A sky little less blue
The clouds little more red
The faded green grass
And a long way to go...

The memories bit more closers
The tears more dry
This weather always says something to me
What?? I don't know...

This was a picture I clicked while returning from my college. I've always found people calling this weather romantic. But for me, it has never been so. I don't know, I'm always dragged into an unknown feeling seeing this weather. It is monotonous for me. Some wired silence. I feel my heart so heavy. A feeling which is so blank, lonely and sad. I could never make out the reason behind this.

 All the pain in the world, all the sufferings of the people around me come more closer. I feel like, clouds in front of my eyes are fading, and I'm made to feel this way.

"The only sight which soothes me is a child smiling or a bird flying back to her nest."

 May be I'll become something one day and will reduce these pain around me.  Not many people might be feeling this way., But I do. Since the time I grew up.