Friday, 11 January 2013

Angel or Devil??? Who are you?


While surfing a social networking site, I used an app- "Quotes of the day." And my quote was- "Sometimes it is easier to smile and cry inside your heart."

Many times I've come across this thought that- What is better?? To speak up or to keep quiet and cry inside??

I know, for first you will say that it is better to speak up otherwise how the other person will know what you feel. But what if the other person doesn't understand what you try to say?? Or even worse, what if that person would say that he doesn't want to understand?? Moreover, the person is not one of them who can be left avoided.

Then what will you choose??

Everyone of us might have faced this situation where you wanted to shout out loud and blurt out your feelings and all what you think, but suddenly something holds you back. What is that "Something"??

What do you do in those times when lot of thoughts are running in your mind but suddenly when it comes to letting it out, you are stuck between the two- Should I or Shouldn't I??

Don't you think sometimes, that if the other person doesn't give a thought before saying something then why should I?? When the actual scene comes, what do you prefer to choose??

The Angel You or The Devil You?? Why??

One quotation I came across was, "I smile because its easier to explain the reason behind my tears." Do you really believe in this??