Sunday, 30 June 2013

Try till the last breath

Yes, they say I'm wrong
yes, they say, I'm going to fall apart
But, then why does it seems so right??
Like my life was never so bright.

They say, you are a mistake
But I'm ready to take
They say, you're going to hurt
I know you are not that fake.

Possibly I might at the end, die
But still I want to try
They say, you might disappear some day
I know I'm going to cry

You are like a beautiful poem of mine
Like a dazzling diamond in the glass of Wine
You are the favorite scratch on this heart
I don't care if you tear it apart

I know I'm being stubborn
But your presence is Heaven
I know I'm so in Love
And you fit so into me like a suede glove

Just because you are going to turn me down
I am not going to frown
I am going to take chance and going to give you many
Because this is the way I've known to Love.
And I'm going to try till the end with my every single penny.

So I'm going to try hard today
And try harder everyday
And even when I don't have anything to say
I'll hope that dark sky will someday turn grey.

So, for the prettiest color of sky
For the every flight I fly
For every tear now dry
My hopes will never die

And if it doesn't work, I'll never regret
Because I'll know you were hard to forget
But when I come to this World again
Then you will be the one, I'll abstain!!

Sunday, 23 June 2013



I know... I've disappointed the people who would have just started looking forward to my posts by almost disappearing without any notice. Whatever the situation it might be, a writer does not have the right to let its reader down. But being new at this, I admit I loose control over myself.

I am not going through some very good times right now and any ways this blog is not about my mellow dramatic story. This post is for the reason why I considered writing again. In past one month I quit coming to blogger, I did not even open my BC account. When opened it just now there were around 178 notifications. Holly crow!! The only reason for giving these things up was, they were simply irresistible not to read or answer back. But I was so tiered of things around me that though my mind was always ready to answer back, but my sadness held me back.

Until now, when the day is no different than past few, while checking the tweets and reading a blog about completion of 1st blog-anniversary, it reminded me of the title of my blog- "IMMORTAL WORD OF ME" This was the moment I felt angry on myself for refraining myself from writing. Because this was the place I promised to people and above all, to myself that whatever may come, I'll always be alive here, through my thoughts, poems, incidences, sketches. I realized that if there was just one place in the world where I can find myself back was This! A place where I can just be... Me. I surely cannot loose my identity. So, I finally decided to open my account and shoot my thoughts after a long long time. 

And when I'm back, I cannot go without thanking some of the very important blogging friends of mine for always being there, encouraging me and remembering me.

Rumpunchdrunk- for being one of first few followers and a constant source of inspiration to write, who makes me think upon the topics which I doubt that did they even exist before??

Dan Bonser- for always writing about the love between him and Lisa, and for always giving hope that true love is meant to be together against all odds. Bless you both.

Bill Williams- for always writing beautiful conclusions out of his spiritual reading and letting me know how important it is to believe in yourself and God. And ofcourse at the same time being unbelievably witty.
Robert Morschel- for being in touch through twitter, for letting me read his book when I couldn't afford it. It was really awesome and for being really witty through his blogs.

Opinionated Man- who writes tremendously beautiful lines, even when trying to offend his readers.Really a great job OM.

Patricia- for writing inspiring posts about life and featuring the beautiful writers as well.

NothingProfound- for saying the length of pages in just few words through his Aphorism. Few words to explain entire book.

Thank you very much for always being there. Journey and the restart would have been impossible without you.