Sunday, 16 February 2014


On the path of life
When you are walking on a knife
A stranger comes across and gives you a smile

Like a companion, a friend
It gives you a new hope,
Breaking the sad old trend

When you need someone to bring you up
When you are low at your end
This stranger gives you a hand
And straightens your bend

When sun is blazing with heat
When you have wounds, you don't know to treat
A stranger brings the soothing rains
and washes your worries off ur feet.

When the people around you begin to fade
When they don't trust you
A stranger from nowhere pats your back
And resurrect all ur faith so new.

When the night is dark
And you are too sacred to walk
A stranger shows you the light
Flashing down the little star

Or when your way seems to be tough
And when the terrains are steep and rough 
A stranger waves the magic wand
Making it easy enough.

So, I decide to be that stranger for somebody in need
And to be of all the help I cud be.
So that when somebody would turn back and look around
He would certainly think... and think of me.

And forever will I shine in His blessings
Like a pearl a diver gets in the depth of the sea!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Voice from the past

Memories ...
Like an unstoppable wave you come
To the most distant corner of the heart
Opening all the doors I closed
Breaking all the barriers apart.

Like a warm sunlight sometimes
In the chilly winter days
Sometimes you pierce through the heart
With a painful haze.

You make me shed tear
You bring the forgotten ones near
You take all my wounds away
And you only bring them back, making your way.

You create the most beautiful smile.
You make the moment special,
As a bride walks down d aisle. 

You are a soft touch of winter snow.
You are a piece of sunshine.
You are a devil at times if you know.
You are a gift, very divine.

You preserve the moments deep inside you
Some hard to forget, some too old to b true.

In the flight of a bird
In the strike of the World
In the air I breath
To the heights I reach
In the thoughts I preach
In the goals I achieve
You were, you are! 

Inside my head
Under my pillow
In the music I listen
What do I think, how do u know?

So as long as I go on
With all your goods and all your bad I'll carry u along.
Because this is the way you talk to me I believe
You were and you will be.
Until eternity..

Like a shadow, like a friend
You and I will walk together till d end!