Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I choose to Live!

In the times of despair,
In the days of my sorrow.
When things don't go fair,
When there's no guarantee of a tomorrow.

I look inside my heart,
And I see a light.
Amidst the darkness that tears me apart,
I find Hope that burns bright.

Those words of hope, a stranger gave
The moon shining for me d whole night
Though the fears are not less yet
Something stands with me like an armor of my knight

You try hard to bring me down
I caress d wound whole night
Yes, I'm hurt deep inside
But dis pain has given me d strength to fight

I know d healing would be slow
But Who said love was easy though
I've decided to stand strong
Smile is d one I choose to show

A voice in me is now so loud
"You cannot give up!"
It always shout!
And dis is the voice I'm going to follow
In a hope that rains would clear the cloud
So I just don't want to cry
I will get up again and still try
To get the pearl from the depth of life
This is the path I cannot deny!