Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Dream House

A house in my dreams I always see
Today I'll tell you how it'd be.

It'd be a small house in the woods
where squirrels would always stop
to have some food.

A river flowing near by
A flock of birds daily passing by.

The air so free, the scent so fresh
Like each day would come to me wearing a new dress.

With no pain in my heart
It'd be a new start.
I will own a Ferrari
But I'll ride on a bullock cart.

In the noon
The sun will shine.
Cool breeze will sing around me
Like the blessings of that Divine.

At night after dinner I'll sit on the rock
In the mid of the river, looking at the star.
Having my Love on my side
I'll strum the strings of the guitar.

No debt on my head
And nothing to be paid
Having the one with me
Who'd listen
To the thoughts I'd say.

I'd sing out loud and dance and spree
In the garden of mine,
Like I'm alone 
And nobody would see. 

No tears of sadness
No pain there would be.
If ever happened
Tears would only be of  glee.

A house of mine
With which the World will envy.
But till the eternity
It will belong to me.

So, here I keep an empty frame
And wait until it gets its shape
Coz, it is my dream house
And that is how I want it to be.

Taking its time
Creating its rhyme.
Slowly catching its pace
As it'll be made once in my life time.