Thursday, 17 January 2013

Best MOMMY snaps!!


Since forever Motherhood has been a special part of every feminine creature created by God in the world. And this feeling never goes away no matter how old the kid grows up.
Here I managed to assemble few snaps from my collection.

While going to my college...

Visit to a wildlife sanctuary...

In a poultry farm

At my friend's house...

Today along the roadside...


And here are two Mothers whom We all have seen and known always from our Religious Mythologies... :)

Lord Krishna with his Mother
Mother Mary


  1. Great photos- I love the cats! Also I like the snow on your blog at the moment!

  2. Thanx Dan.
    The credit for this snow goes to you. I copied it from your post, where you specified the HTML code. So, thanx!

  3. i love that cats:)
    can I have one of them:)?