Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Annie Boreson: An Inspiration


Unlike always this post is not about my feelings or my opinions about anything. Yesterday I came across a blog and this post of mine is dedicated to that blogger- Annie Boreson.

Anne is fighting from cancer. I specifically say "fighting" and not "suffering". The reason behind this specification of word is her spirit of living - actually living a life and not just breathing and not crying or blaming God for the obstacles she's having in her life.

Everybody is having problems in life, some of us have small ones whereas some of us have a bit bigger ones. But how many us fight with the problems?? How many of us look around and notice the people who have greater pains and sufferings  and still they have a breath taking smile on there faces??? Very few.

The reason behind writing this post is simple. You got to love your life unconditionally. You need to find that will to live it every moment. When I asked Annie- "What inspires you???" She gave a wonderful answer.

"As far as inspiration goes, I find it in other people. I think we all find inspiration in each other. I may have a bad day...but then someone does something nice and it pulls me up. People and their kindness inspire me." She finds her inspiration by looking around herself and finding those people who are suffering more than her but still don't loose hope and spirit.

So, everyone of YOU reading this, get up! Pull up your socks. You have had enough of crying about your problems. Now it's time to kick them away, such that they would never return back. Respect your life. Live it. Help other people in living it. Inspire people- get inspired. All of us look at our wound and cry for it! Do something different. Make fun of it. Embarrass your pain such that it will disappear!!

Here is a poem which I completely dedicate to Anne and all the people who have that Wonderful spirit to live life and the guts to chase your dreams even when path is not smooth!

Like a kid restarts to make his sand castle
When cruel waves wash it away
Like an ant keeps on trying
After it has fallen from a tree time and again
Like a farmer starts to plough harder
When his farm is destroyed by the heavy rain
Like when a mother nurtures a baby alone
When its father walks away.

Like a bird continues to look for food
When its first flight goes in vain
Like a nurse remains awake all night
Just to see her sick patient healthy again
Like a tree keeps on growing
When its branches are chopped
Like when a bird lays again
When her first egg was dropped.

Like a soldier holds on to hope
When the others think that the battle is lost
Like a kid stumbles often, he still crawls
He finally learns to walk, he doesn't stop
Like "Annie" who inspires the world through her blogs
Though in pain, she manages to laugh
Like one of the best mothers in the world
On whom her children are proud of!
So enough of crying, and get done with sadness.
What are you making fuss of??
Look beyond yourself, everyone's life is bizarre
So why to look at the sky, be your own blazing sun, own shooting star
Because you can't just sit and caress your scar
Because life is a long journey, and you have to go very far! 

-to Annie Boreson

Annie is a blogger, a mother of three children and a newlywed. Not to forget she has won 5 blogger's award as well and above everything- An inspiration! She can be reached at

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