Friday, 22 November 2013


Looking at the snow,
Outside my window
I saw a boy coming out of the store.
With a little smile on his face
He headed to cross the road,
Called the kids and gave away the sweets.
Like he was waiting for this
And stood there to greet.

Under the heavy grey sky
The color of his face was glowing high.
Out of all the people escaping the snow
I saw him dancing, he wasn't shy.
He opened his arms wide and welcomed the rain,
Like it was an angel sent for him
To release all his pain.
In his deep blue eyes
I could see all his dreams coming to life
Like truth standing strong,
Among all the lies.

A lady passed by him
Pale and old.
He gave her his jacket
To protect from cold.

Snow was setting on his hair,
Which he did not condemn.
They were looking like pearls
Like the white gem.

I got up at ones- opened the door
And walked towards him.
The air was cold
And the sky was dim.
He was now leaning on a grill.
My heart was beating fast
About to leap and make a drill.

I went near him and stood beside
What drew us closer I couldn't decide
I was standing still, Almost forgot to breath
He turned to me and smiled with an ease.

Meeting his gaze I remembered
A fairy tale my mom would convince.
On one absolute snowy day you will meet your *Prince*
He touched my face and I melted like dew
We came closer and it was time to hug, I knew.

I felt the warmth of his breath on my neck.
I hid my head in his chest.
Now... This was what I realized, I missed
And that was the moment- We Kissed!!