Sunday, 15 September 2013

It's My Day!


I read my friend's status on Facebook, "Happy engineer's Day". So, I guess today is my day. :) I completed with my degree of an Engineer 2 months ago and now I'm the first and the only Engineer girl of my family. (I do pat myself for this).

But anyways, my post is not to boast about myself. It's something I noticed about myself and what being an Engineer taught me apart from that academic knowledge. I found out that the course of engineering was not just of those 4 years, where I was taught to design the things, or calculate the numbers. This journey started a way long back. The day when I was born.

As an engineer mends the damage of a machine, makes a new one, finds different ways to present the things, invents new gadgets, earns money and finds the best solution to some technical problem, similarly my life gave me the training of such things in a special subject- LIFE!

It taught me to make friends, it taught me to make up for your mistakes and apologize. It trained me to get up once again after getting hurt. I taught me that it's okay to get upset or depressed. I am allowed to feel jealous if someone was happy and when I was not. But then it also gave me the lesson that to become a good 'Life Engineer' you need to feel the damage of others and try with the best of your abilities to help them.

I made friends blindly, I trusted easily, I failed, I was scolded too. But this helped me to value the good ones and to pick wisely the next time. In this journey of 21 years of Life Engineering, I grew up as a person and still managed to keep that child and its innocence alive. I'm still making mistakes, like you do in exams and I'm still learning new lessons. But once in a while I still try to bunk the lecture when I'm reluctant to learn something. But I know, someday I have to learn it. I have to go through every page before I pass my exams with flying colors and get the degree of "Best Life Engineer".

So, it doesn't matter if you are not actually dealing with some machines or technology. But you are dealing with a biggest machine of all- Life! And you are dealing with it well. Be proud of yourself and keep doing it. :)

*Happy Engineer's Day*

Share with me what did you learn from your life?? In what lessons did you fail?? If you have some experience to share, write it to me! I'd love to know it. :)