Sunday, 30 June 2013

Try till the last breath

Yes, they say I'm wrong
yes, they say, I'm going to fall apart
But, then why does it seems so right??
Like my life was never so bright.

They say, you are a mistake
But I'm ready to take
They say, you're going to hurt
I know you are not that fake.

Possibly I might at the end, die
But still I want to try
They say, you might disappear some day
I know I'm going to cry

You are like a beautiful poem of mine
Like a dazzling diamond in the glass of Wine
You are the favorite scratch on this heart
I don't care if you tear it apart

I know I'm being stubborn
But your presence is Heaven
I know I'm so in Love
And you fit so into me like a suede glove

Just because you are going to turn me down
I am not going to frown
I am going to take chance and going to give you many
Because this is the way I've known to Love.
And I'm going to try till the end with my every single penny.

So I'm going to try hard today
And try harder everyday
And even when I don't have anything to say
I'll hope that dark sky will someday turn grey.

So, for the prettiest color of sky
For the every flight I fly
For every tear now dry
My hopes will never die

And if it doesn't work, I'll never regret
Because I'll know you were hard to forget
But when I come to this World again
Then you will be the one, I'll abstain!!