Friday, 9 May 2014


 8 May 2014

Humanity! The greatest and the most precious gift given by God to us. A real human can never be bad to anyone forever. It feels pain, rage, love, lust, joy, sadness and all the worldly human emotions. And its okay to feel it that way, because we are crafted for it. These emotions are the ones which separate us from any inhuman species. Sometimes life rolls on a rough path, and even closest of the soul fall apart. But you don't have to hate them forever. U just need to let go- of them, of time! Everybody has got there fair and equal share of emotions, but we create an imbalance on our own. 

Humanity defines love, compassion, goodness, warmth, care, satisfaction. It’s divine. Like a piece of God always being with you. And when you forget your Humanity u loose your God. You loose your sire. Yes, you are born sired to being human, for good. It is okay to loose heart, but one should never loose hope, ever. 

In a lifetime u meet many people. Some become a part of your life, some make you a part of theirs. You always need both the pieces to complete the puzzle. But sometimes you loose the pieces. You still need to complete the picture. You can try to find the lost ones if possible but cannot let the time run out. So you find replacements, fix them in the puzzle and just win. And at the end it’s never about the picture. It’s about those pieces who helped you. The ones who were always there, the ones who were lost and left a void and the ones who came to lift you up.

It’s about a vision of that another human soul who sees the beauty of The picture in its darkest shade, the hard work, the loss and The happiness,and still finds it beautiful. It’s about that. 

Humanity... is life. Rest is just breathing. 

P.S. I wrote this piece of text after I watched the finale of The Vampire Diaries Season 4. I was all in tears in that entire episode and was overwhelmed with the emotions. So, I spilled them here.