Thursday, 16 May 2013


A BiGG Hello...

        Finally ended with my final exams of my final semesters. I actually realized how hard it was for me to keep myself away from blogging. It's good to be back now, like coming back to a known world!

         On the last day of my college somebody stole away my mobile phone. Yeah, many of you would find it a normal incident, but for a girl who never lost even a penny or even oldest of the things since she was a kid, loosing a mobile phone worth Rs. 13,000 is still like a trauma. Anyways, the sadder part is, I saved a poem as a draft in that phone, which is also gone with it. Ouch! It hurts. But then, I consoled myself saying, "It's okay. I'll write another one with more efforts."

I remember few of its lines, few I rewrote.

I'm a time trapped in a clock
I'm a wave trapped in a sea
He's a flame, burning sharp and bright
I'm a smile trapped in a glee

I'm a wish locked in a prayer
I'm a God locked in a temple
He's a flight to be taken high in the skies
I'm a strength locked in a tree

I'm a destination trapped in a way
I'm a flower blooming in May
He's dew, fresh and pure
I'm the words trapped to say

I'm a shadow locked in the lights
I'm a memory locked in pain
He's is the heart beat, well mechanized
I'm a thought trapped in a brain.

-By Esabella

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  1. Love your poem, Esabella. Great juxtapositions:

    "I'm a wave trapped in a sea."

    "I'm a thought trapped in a brain."