Thursday, 23 May 2013

Greed: for good or bad??


        I was in no mood to write any post today, as I was already enjoying my time on twitter and reading other blogs. But a situation again took hold of my thoughts and I decided to scribble them.

         Isn't it a human nature that when you get little, you strive for more. Then when you get to the next step, you try to reach even further.  Sometimes, pointlessly, you just want to grow big and bigger. I want to ask you that if your greed is not helpful for others, if you don't have anyone to share your success of achieving your target, then will this urge of wanting more still continue?? Or will it die??

          For example, as a new blogger you'd want to increase your traffic. This would make you feel that if not all of them then at least few of them are reading it. After a while, when the traffic graph would go fine, you'd want to have comments on them. When you'd get comments, you'd want more of them.

           Just now I saw a post with +1729 on g+ and it tempted me again, thinking can I have these many +1s??  But, then what is the use of this? If nobody is reading them, and just blindly forwarding it? What if you don't have anyone to share the happiness of receiving Best Blogger Award??

            Another example I'd want to give would be of a millionaire. Even if the person is already the richest one in the world, still he has the greed to earn more and more money! I ask why?? If that is not serving anybody, if that money is not useful for the needy ones then what is the use?? If there is still poverty spread around you, and you money isn't able to educe it even a bit, then what is the use of that money you earned?

What basically I want to ask is:

Do you think it's good to be greedy? Where will this urge of having something more after every time you have climbed the previous step will lead?

Do you think that reckless desire, that pointless temptation of something with nobody around you to share it is actually satisfying??

And where does this greed ends?? Or does it actually has any end??
Think about it and share your views with me. I'd love to hear from you.