Sunday, 26 May 2013

A lost love: to a non living thing!


It is just a random post. If you could not connect yourself with it, then also it's fine. Just thanks for reading it, because i wanted you to. 

This evening I woke up after a short nap from the afternoon. I looked outside my balcony and I could see a beautiful color of the sky. The shade of pink blended perfectly with orange, white and blue. Believe me it was a mesmerizing view... I felt a strong urge of capturing that moment in my mobile. And there I was stuck. I missed my mobile.

For many of you loosing a mobile might be a no big deal, but for me it is and will always be. Since the day I lost it,I could actually never share how I felt about it. Neither with my mom nor with my boyfriend. Don't know what but something held me back from letting them know how hard I missed it. So, I decided to tell its story to all of you.

My HTC was the most expensive mobile anybody had in my family. Actually my dad bought it for himself, but I liked it so much that I just told him the same day, "It's really awesome. I wish I had it." Few days later, (not even completing a week) my dad gave it to me saying, "I'm not able to deal with its functions. You keep this." I knew he gave it to me purposely because I loved it. How sweet of him. Of course that's how parents are. 

Since that day I flaunted my handset among my friends, clicked 100s of pictures flaunting its clarity. I sometime even flaunted it lovingly to my dad too. Many of the picture I uploaded in my blog are also credited to it. Many times I thought that as  soon I get the job, I'll buy an iPhone. But thinking back again, I knew I wouldn't have bought any other mobile unless I really needed to change this. It satisfied all the needs, in fact more than I actually needed. Or at least I would have kept it with myself forever. It somehow became the in separable part of my life. Not only a mobile but also a friend, a secret keeper, a notepad to scribble my thoughts..a constant 24x7 companion. Anything than just a mobile. I had a folder of all my special songs in it. Trust me, it gave all together a different feeling listening those songs in its music player. After it got stolen, I even downloaded those songs again and tried to listen them but the feeling is irreplaceable. Many of you might be finding it funny or may be immature to miss just a handset for so long. But I feel it justified. 
the only memory I had of my phone- its earphones. (mine are black)

Is it not strange how just a non living thing gets so close to you. How you miss it like you miss any other person in your life. I can really feel it. I know I'm going to miss it for long.., not knowing if even I could ever fall in love with anything near future... At least not so soon... 

So do you have any such memory of yours?? 
Did you ever face this situation in your life??
What is that thing?? Your bracelet, lucky charm, mobile.. anything?
Do you miss it?? I miss mine. 
Whatever it is.. share your thoughts. I'll be happy to know about it. -_-