Tuesday, 25 December 2012

They gave a different view to me towards life


Dis was an extraordinary day for me... A day beyond my expectations... A day which made me re consider all those thing I have with me, around me. Things to which I never paid attention., I never cared about...

Out of curosity and interest I went to an "orphanage" with my friend to teach those children for free. A place I've always seen in movies or tv till that day. I asked the incharge about the families of those children and he told me,"most of them dont have any family".
I look outside the reception and saw a handful or two children playing in the ground... All smiling... happy... without any regrets!! That was the first amazing sight I saw after a long gap in my life... and it was touching!!

Later the incharge called all the children and they sat in the hall-floor. They were looking at us inquisitively as if asking... what have you got for us.?? We were 4 friends and so we segregated the children age wise into 4 groups and took our allotted group into different rooms. Since dat was the first day, I thot let's start with the introduction and I asked everyone's name.... Some of them even told the spelling of their name enthusiastically.... like a big achievement!! :) Indeed it was...!

Then days passed and it became my routine to visit them..,to teach them.
One day a child came to me (Sandeep)," Teacher, mujhe sirf Hindi likhna or padhna ata hai, ap mujhe English me likhna sikhaoge??" (teacher, i only know how to write in Hindi, will you teach me English?)

I said, "sure, kal se meri class me aa ke baith jana..." (Come to my class from tomorrow)

He said, "ha kal se apki class me aunga, abtak isliye nahi aa pata tha kyonki mujhe kapde dhone rehte the, par ab sab kam badme karunga." (iI cudn't come till now because I had to wash all d clothes, but now I'll spare time for dis)..

I looked at him and gave a smile... (since I could speak anything..)

I thought... how simply and innocently he told everything.. and there was no shame or regret on his face! Wow.. :) Next day he came to my class and my teaching part began wid him as well... After a week he came to me and showed me few sentences he wrote by himself and asked me to check. They were amost correct. 

He then said to me,"mujhe pehle ye sab nahi ata tha, apne sikhaya to ane laga hai.." (I did not know all this before, I learnt it from you).
I felt it like an achievement!! As if I won something... very precious... :)

Similarly, another day..... I saw Aniruddh spelling his name... And he was very happy... and a secret I did not share with him was., I was happier than him.!! :) :) That day sweet were being distributed in orphanage due to some reasons., so i released everyone in my class to get there share of sweet, instructing them not to fight.
Aniruddh went and came within a minute running at me with a piece in his hand and said, "Akele nahi khaunga... ap bhi khao!!" (i won't eat alone, you also have to eat)... that was the most selfless sharing I expirienced.

Another child one day was sitting very upset which dragged my feet towards him. on asking the reason, his friend spoke for him, "is ko kuch nahi ata, hamesha school me teacher se dant khata hai." (He does'nt know anything, teachers always scold him at school).
I pulled up his chin and said," kal se koi nahi dantega ise." (nobody will scold him from tomorrow).  I taught him to spell two words that day- APPLE and BALL.
He repeated those spellings for more than 100 times, and I listened to him patiently. At the end of the day, I wrote "Good" on his notebook and earned a priceless contentment for myself. He spelled those words correctly the next day.... :)

I used to play with those children, see them cry on very silly things and making up again..(by hitting each other  and running away :p), I saw them making clay toys, caring for them untill they get dry, every day when I used to leave for home, they used to say, "take us with you teacher...," and I used to promise them to come back again tomorrow....

It's been a long time I met them.., but all those moments and memories will always be with me... Those kids changed a lot within me.

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  1. This really touched my heart. It's moments like this which really give us a new appreciation for life and for the people in it.
    These children are so optimistic and yet they still live in the moment.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It was a touching read.