Monday, 24 December 2012

First blog


I'm a girl of 21... and my tongue is a bit stubborn wen it comes to expressing part!!  :)

Now, since d world did not end yesterday.. i thot der will b more thots coming my way untill d world actually ends!! :p

I sometyms wonder dat, m I the only one who gets so many thots at once in my mind?? All mixed?? messed?? and dat too "AT D SAME TYM?"

Like... wen my teacher is scolding me for not completing my assignments on tym... i think of the following things:
- wat my mom would have given me in my lunch??
- wat answer I should have given wen my best friend was accusing me for d thing i did not do?? 
- wat color of nail polish would suit me more?? red or purple??
or... should i listen to my teacher sincerely (a funny thot i knw.. :p) as she is wasting her energy in shouting on me???

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