Monday, 4 March 2013

Perfection: Reality or Myth??


It's been a long time, I wrote a post. And the reason was: "I was blank!!"
Anyways.., again, a worm of thoughts is crawling in my head and is asking me. : "What is perfect love???"

Or is there anything like "PERFECT LOVE"??? Nobody is perfect they say, , then how can a love be perfect??

Don't you think these tv shows has raised the expectation levels of each and everyone, and in turn we expect our partner to be more like your favorite character??? But thing doesn't turn out that way.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, we accuse each other, we blame, we fight..., and we expect that our partner should have behaved this way instead of the way he actually behaved. So, at that time, with whom do you compare our partner with??

For an instance, if you are a man, your ego comes in between and you don't accept your mistakes at times. But the girl having some favorite character in tv or some guys whom she idealize.., will expect him to apologize and accept his mistake. Similarly the case goes with a guy idealizing a character as his girlfriend??

My question is, who's fault it is?? Is it the girl?? The boy?? Or the story writers of these daily soaps?? DO you believe in the thing like "PERFECT"...??? Or perfection is a MYTH??

Feel free to express or discuss!! :)